598 Sabre Squadron, of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Cobourg, is actively seeking individuals who are interested in assisting the squadron, with providing a dynamic and structured program for youth in our community. We are currently seeking those interested in joining the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC).

CIC Officers are dedicated members of our community who work with youth in their spare time. The CIC consists of approximately 7,800 commissioned officers whose primary duty is the safety, supervision, administration and training of over 52,000 Cadets.

CIC officers are members of the Canadian Armed Forces and belong to the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS). This sub-component of the Reserve Force consists of officers and non-commissioned members who, by the terms of their enrollment or transfer, have undertaken as their primary duty the safety, supervision, administration and training of Cadets or Junior Canadian Rangers.

CIC officers serve in the sea, land or air elements and receive specialized training to prepare them for their duties as youth leaders. Many of them are former graduates of the Cadet Program who wish to give back to their community. Others consist of former Regular Force members, interested parents or members of the community at large.

To become a CIC Officer, a candidate must undergo in a series of suitability interviews and meet the following criteria:

  • Be between 18 and 64 years of age;
  • Hold a secondary school diploma or equivalent;
  • Be a Canadian citizen;
  • Meet specific screening requirements common to organizations working with youth;
  • Meet specific Canadian Armed Forces medical standards.

All interested candidates are encouraged to provide a resume of qualifications, to the Commanding Officer of 598 Sabre Squadron, Capt. J. Neal at 650 Victoria St. Unit 4, Cobourg, ON or email