January 2017 Promotions/Awards


Thursday January 5, 2017 we had two promotions and presented an award. Congratulations to Sgt. Scott and Sgt. Reid, for your promotions to Flight Sergeant. With your new promotions, comes new responsibility. Your staff are confident you will continue to excel in your new roles.

F/Sgt Palleske was awarded a very prestigious award from theĀ Air Cadet League of Canada, in conjunction with the Air Line Pilots Association of Canada (ALPA). F/Sgt. Palleske is the recipient of the 2016 ALPA Continuation Flying Training Award. This award is presented in a form of a bursary, and is presented to cadets who have achieved excellence in the Power Pilot Scholarship Course. This award will assist F/Sgt. Palleske to continue her passion for flying.

F/Sgt Palleske is a great role model for the younger cadets and has been an asset to the Squadron. The staff and cadets are very proud of you F/Sgt. Palleske. Congratulations!

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